Concrete & Foundation Requirements For Steel Building Kits

1. For ground mounting your steel building you will need to dig a post

hole that is approximately ten inches in diameter and at least thirty

inches deep around the area you want to construct your steel building

kit. Depending on whether you purchase a four foot or five foot on

center system will determine if these post holes should be four or five

feet apart.

2. You will need to assemble the base rails for your steel building kit

and lay them in their correct placement around the foundation area where

your steel building will be constructed. You will need to mark where

the holes should be dug on your base rails. An easy way to do this is to

poke a 16 D nail into the ground surface going through the pre-drilled

hole that is located on your base rails.

3. Using a post hole digger or a hand auger to dig the various holes

needed at a depth of thirty inches. Make sure that you clean out all

excess dirt within the holes.

4. Lay out your steel building kit base rails according to the

manufacturer's instructions included in your kit. These instructions

will vary according to the steel buildings epoxy floors Gold Coast that you have chosen. Place

the ground anchors that are included in your steel building kit through

the pre-drilled holes. You will need to use either a premixed concrete

or you will need to mix your own concrete mixture according to the

directions. It is preferable to use a 2500 psi concrete mixture for the

strength necessary for desired results. Use a shovel to place the

concrete mixture into each of your dug out holes. It is recommended to

wait at least seven days after laying your concrete for it to properly

set up before you should continue the rest of the assembly process for

your steel building.